Donna K.

It is with great pleasure that I can say a few words about Beth Kearns and the benefits I have experienced from my acupuncture experience.

For most of my life, including childhood, I have dealt with back problems resulting in multiple surgeries, braces, etc. And, for the majority of this time, I have dealt with chronic, severe pain. It has been a long and mostly disappointing quest trying to find relief from the back, neck and leg pain I experience on a daily basis. I have taken more ibuprofen than I care to remember and some surgeries have exacerbated the problems.

I am happy to report that FINALLY I have found something that is alleviating my pain – acupuncture. I am in less pain, my headaches are less severe and not as frequent, and the constant presence of pain has been diminished.

I have also experienced a noticeably less amount of stress and tension. My job is very demanding and I have felt pressure, stress and anxiety due to a taxing environment. Since starting acupuncture I am mentally and emotionally able to deal with problems without knotting up and becoming anxious.

Linda S.

I started doing acupuncture a couple of months ago. I was unsure how it worked and how it would help me. I was having very high levels of stress and headaches that seemed to never go away. I could not sleep through the night.

Beth explained how acupuncture works and made me feel very comfortable with the process. Since then my headaches, stress and sleeping have improved. I was very pleased with the results. When I miss a treatment, I can tell the difference in my sleep and stress level.

The most important thing that I have noticed is the inner peace I feel when I have acupuncture done. It makes me feel very calm on the inside. I would recommend anyone to have acupuncture done. Thank you Beth!

Pastor Marlin Driskell

I wanted to send you a note and thank you for your NST treatments that you did for me last December & January.

Last November, 2008, I started experiencing some pain in my shoulder. I was on constant pain medications (Tylenol, Advil and Aleve) trying to get some relief, but there was no relief. Right after Thanksgiving I visited the local Chiropractor a couple of times, but the pain only worsened. By then the pain was noticeably affecting my life and work so I visited a Orthopedic Surgeon who was sure I had scar tissue damage from a dislocated shoulder 26 years ago but he found nothing wrong in my shoulder. He detected that my right arm was weaker than my left, so he sent me to a Neurologist. The Neurologist determined that I had carpal tunnel in my right wrist and the equivalent in my right elbow.

This was the week before Christmas, so I knew that nothing would be done until after the New Year. So I started searching the Internet for alternatives to Carpal Tunnel Surgery. I checked Dr. Mercola’s site and found that he recommended NST treatments and had a listing of therapists who were trained in NST. (That is where I came across your name and web site.)

I scheduled my first appointment on December 26th and went in not knowing what to expect. I was miserable the next couple of days, but in spite of my misery I felt like the treatments were doing something. I went back on December 30th and started to have a little bit of relief, but it was short lived, for the pain came back. After the third treatment on January 8th I started having some real relief from the pain. I went five days without any pain medications of any sort and then it was somewhat off and on. I went without another treatment for two weeks. On January 23rd I went in for my fourth treatment and I have not needed any treatments since. Since January 23rd I have not taken any pain medications of any sort. I have full use of my arms and I have had no need for any additional treatments of any sort.

I would highly recommend NST and Beth Kearns for anyone with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Thank you for your part in the healing of my body.

Carla D.

I am doing the organ cleanse for the second time, and will try to do it at least twice a year. It helped me to improve my eating habits, I had healthier skin, clearer thinking and more energy. It was great!

S. Gilbert

I have been coping with anxiety for over five years. As the years passed, the anxiety increased. I began to feel paralyzed by it and searched for an alternative to drug therapy. I looked to Beth to find balance through acupuncture. After only a couple treatments I felt better. Acupuncture has given me my life back! Thank you Beth!


I would highly recommend Beth Kearns Acupuncture! Beth has been one of my health care providers for over 4 years now. I have tried traditional Chinese acupuncture in the past which left me feeling more like a pin cushion than a human patient. Beth really takes the time to find out about you the person, where are you at in your life, what is working, what isn’t working & finding out what areas you would like to work on. Her gentle soothing spirit and excellence in her practice of the 5 Element Acupuncture always leaves me refreshed, relaxed and balanced.


I wanted to thank you for everything! I feel like meeting you was a blessing and the start of a new life for me. Thank you for introducing me to acupuncture. You have truly changed my life. You are a wonderful person and a wonderful bodyworker!

Frederic L.

I have worked with Beth for several years and have experienced her as knowledgeable and congenial to work with. Her training in the field of acupuncture is extensive, and this is demonstrated in her ability to treat a wide range of symptoms/imbalances in the human system. Her personality style is mind-mannered and easy going–and includes a good sense of humor.


I did the liver cleanse with Beth and then had a cholesterol check. My cholesterol, triglycerides and LDL’s numbers are all down by 40 points and my weight is down 10 pounds and going lower!