For your 1st visit

Print and fill-out the patient history form before you come in for your first visit.
Bring prescription medication information (name and dosage).

For every visit

Eat a light meal before treatment.
Avoid coffee, alcohol, and heavy meals.
Do not get other bodywork done on the same day, such as, chiropractic, massage, or energy work.
Do not exercise heavily after the treatment; light walking or stretching is okay.
Drink plenty of water.
Plan for rest.

Cancellation Policy

Please give at least 48 business hours notice to cancel or change your appointment so that we may try to fill that time. A 24 business hour notice of cancellation is required. If your appointment is on a Tuesday, changes must be made by 2:00 pm Friday. If less than 24 hours notice is given, you may be charged the full fee for the appointment.

Appointment changes are NOT excepted by email. Please call or text 303-324-4686.


Initial Diagnosis, Exam, and Treatment  (up to 1.5 hrs)   $160
Treatments  (45 minutes – 1 hr)  $100
Packages of 5 Treatments $475

NST  $95

Cupping (30 minutes) $50 (45 minutes) $75

Microneedling (Facial or Hair Loss) $250
Package of 3 Microneedling $630
Package of 6 Microneedling $1200

Personalize Cleansing Program
Individual $140
Group $75 (min. 5 people)
Bring a friend and you each save $5

B-12 (Methylcobalamin) Injections $25
Package of 5 B-12 Injections $110

Method of Payment

Payment is due at the time of treatment and may be made by cash or check. Credit cards are accepted.

Auto insurance cases may be accepted.

Insurance receipts will be provided upon request. Please check with your provider to see if acupuncture is covered as plans vary.