• Do you have allergies or asthma?
  • Tired of food cravings nagging you?
  • Do you have chronic illness or pain?
  • Want to lose unwanted body fat?
  • Are you tired of being fatigued?

I advise you to consult and cleanse with a professional. I will evaluate your situation and your desired outcome and let you know if cleansing is a good idea for you. I will also be able to tell you exactly what your body needs to cleanse properly because we all have different needs with our different bodies. Don’t waste your money on unproven cleansing programs, it’s time to get professional coaching!

Why cleanse?

Did you know that toxicity is one of the top three causes of chronic illness and disease? If there is at least one thing you would like to change about the way you feel and your health, then you should start the 10 or 21-day A Fresh Start Cleanse. Why? Because cleansing your liver can help clean out the toxins and pave the way to renewed health, weight loss, and vitality? It is the foundation for real change. In Chinese medicine, spring is associated with the liver, making it the perfect time to cleanse.

Unhealthy and toxic liver symptoms.

Skin problems (i.e. eczema, acne, rashes, psoriasis), brain fog, digestive problems, high cholesterol, allergies, fatigue, chemical sensitivities, constipation, and cellulite. Libido, stress tolerance, metabolism, menstruation, reproduction, and glucose regulation can also be adversely affected. Severe liver problems include jaundice, hepatitis, and cirrhosis.

What will you get?

  • Coaching from acupuncturist, Beth Kearns.
  • You’ll learn what detoxification is and why it is vital for regaining or retaining good health.
  • Step-by-step instructions.
  • You’ll learn what to expect while cleansing.
  • Medical food and supplements that are clinically proven to support detoxification and are suited for your specific needs.
  • This is not a one size fits all cleanse.
  • You’ll get to eat throughout the cleanse.
  • New recipes.
  • Support and ideas from the group.
  • ‘Life After the Cleanse’ instructions to look for potential food allergens and for long-term dietary maintenance.