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How 5 Element Acupuncture Benefits You

An Intro to the Elements

I am often asked how Five Elements Acupuncture is different from traditional Acupuncture and how treatment will affect you. So here is a quick reminder…

The Five Elements are a way to describe the movement of energy and the cycle of creation of all things. Each element describes a type of energy and each energy gives birth to the next as it cycles. 

The easiest way to see these energies is to look at nature and the seasons. Each season is associated with an element.

Five Elements - Beth Kearns Acupuncture

The cycle begins with spring when mother nature births new growth. Seeds are planted and start to grow. Next comes summer when plants reach their maximum growth and their energy peaks. Late Summer is when the earth’s energy starts to decline a little. It is a time of harvest when we reap the benefits of all of our hard work. Fall is when the cycle starts to come to a close and plants begin to die. Finally, winter is a time of rest and rebuilding to get ready for the big burst of energy in the spring and for the cycle to start over once more. 

In Five Elements Acupuncture, this cycle of nature happens inside you moment to moment, and day to day, throughout the seasons of your life.

This cycle is a wonderful way to describe the way energy moves inside you.

It can help you understand where your energy is at and whether you are in balance or out of balance. It can let you know that you could be stuck in one season or one type of energy. For example, being stuck in spring can mean you have many ideas or visions for the future but you don’t actually bring any to life. Or being stuck in summer can look like you are burning yourself out, going and going, but not resting and rejuvenating. Being caught in fall can look like you’re unable to let go and stuck in grief or you’re always searching for something better.

Water | Winter Element - Beth Kearns Acupuncture

Right now we are in the season of winter, yes still (I can hear you:)), and winter is the Water element. It’s a lovely time to receive Five Elements Acupuncture because it supports you in replenishing your reserves, restoring and building energy, and reflecting on where you’ve come from in preparation for the high energy needs of spring.

Signs of your water element out of balance may include:

fatigue or depletion

inability to rest and relax

feeling stuck or frozen

anxiety, panic

unwarranted fear

low back pain

feeling out of control


hair loss

loss of hearing

seasonal affect disorder or just hating winter

bogged down, unable to function well

reproductive challenges

My Five Element acupuncture treatments help balance these energies and keep them flowing in you. As a result, your body can do just what it thrives to do – heal. 

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